Cynthia & Daniel

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Daniel Boyle


Cynthia Kuntz



September 23

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Our Story

After a return from what people would say is the coldest area of the lower 48. A young man was able to find the woman of his dreams to warm him up. (Literally) Cynthia was just graduating high school and Daniel was still finding his way in life. They decided to take on life together from the beginning. They experienced a lot of first together. A first true love kiss, a first late night adventures, and a first time climbing out of a window at 3am because neither parent was ready for a first sleepover. Turns out, there is still love in this world, and these two goofballs really put forward an amazing example what love is. To Cynthia and Daniel, love is geochaching in the woods and getting covered in ticks. Love is sitting in a pool full of stingrays to touch their bellies. Love is waking up at 2:30 in the morning to bottle feed kittens. Their love is not textbook, its not cliche, but if you wrote a book about the story of these two... it would be a best seller. On our special night, we hope that you are able to experience the love and compassion that Cynthia and Daniel have for each other. xoxo GossipGirl