Katie & Dylan


Katie Donoghue


Dylan Culwell

November 4, 2023

Lake Havasu City, AZ
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The First Date


In the heart of Covid, when nothing was open, we strolled by the lake in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Dylan poured us some Coors Light into Yeti's, we walked along the lake, people watched, and sat for hours and talked! There was never an awkward phase, we instantly could chat just about anything. We both knew this was going to be something special after that night!

The Proposal


Dylan recreated our first date, except in a new location. After work one day, we went on a walk to one of our favorite breweries, OHSO, in Phoenix. Dylan planned the entire thing perfectly, all down to making sure this happy hour wasn't his idea. Our good friends, Jacqueline & Kevin, secretly made it seem like they wanted to get together with us for a drink! On our walk over to the brewery, in typical Katie fashion, Katie was getting annoyed with how slow Dylan was walking. She didn't know that (for once in his life) Dylan was nervous and anxious to talk. Next thing Katie knows, Dylan is down on his knee with a ring box in his hand. Our friends captured the entire moment!! Best part was, when we got to OHSO, all of our friends were there to surprise Katie and to celebrate this exciting new chapter together!