Brittany & Jeffery

    We’re getting Married!

Brittany Cullin


Jeffery Davis


May 20, 2023

Tucson, AZ

How WE Met

Jeffery and I were first introduced to one another In May of 2020 in Cypress Texas, while visiting the Davis Family. My Bestie, Shauntae, had been seeing Bertie (Jeff’s Cousin) for over a year at that time and she wanted her family to meet Bertie’s family. Jeffery and I did not know it at the time, that this gathering was the spark that lit the candle, illuminating the path to our bright future. Over the course of that following year, Jeffery couldn’t quite shake the time he and I were first introduced, so he secretly kept tabs on me through his favorite Cousin, Bertie. Every time Bertie and Jeffery would get together, Jeffery would make Me the topic of discussion. Could Bertie have known the two of us would be a good match before we did? We crossed paths a few more times over that next year including a family outing to Sea World where Jeffery got to meet and spend time with Nyaire and Mahkai. That whole time I was still oblivious to the notion that Jeffery and I were falling for each other but when I saw his interaction with my Kids…. I knew. After hearing so many wonderful things about Me, Jeffery finally mustered up enough courage to slide into my DMs. We talked everyday - pretty much all day about any and everything. Jeffery grilled Me with questions that made me stop and think that he was no ordinary guy! He provoked my Envy, stimulated my Mind, Body and Soul. The mental processing was real. It took Me by surprise that Jeffery knew what he wanted, could convey his feelings, needs, desires, hopes, dreams and goals. I could not believe I was falling for This Man and falling hard!

The Proposal

Things started to speed up. So, I questioned, is there truly a timeframe on LOVE! It was April 2022, when we decided to make things official after Jeffery got Shauntae's blessing of course. I was growing tired of not being able to be in Jeffery's arms, so the boys and I took a road trip to Texas again, to make sure the connection we shared via phone and video was as magical in person. That week was spent with Family & Friends, going on outings with the Kids, solidifying in my heart that my prayers had been answered all while telling Jeffery, His future Wife has arrived! Unbeknownst to me, Jeffery was brewing the PERFECT PROPOSAL! Jeffery was to make a trip to Tucson in June 2022 for his Birthday, but he could not wait that long to see Me and the Boys. Spending those few weeks away from each other was torture so he decided to make a trip in May as well; of course, I did not object! May 21st, 2022, started off as a regular HOT day in Tucson. We invited our friends, Anita, Juan and their grandchildren, to join us and the boys for a pool party and BBQ. Jeffery left the pool to run into the house. While in the house, he bumped into Anita and told her that today would be the day he was going to propose, pulled out that RANG to show her and she gave him a big hug in excitement. Once he returned poolside, I noticed that he did not get back in the pool, in fact he asked me to get out. Knowing he likes to play and push or toss people in the pool, I was hesitant, but I got out anyway. At this time, Jeffery wrapped me in a towel, put his arm around me and whispered, "Do you remember when I said, I would make you, my Wife?" I was perplexed, but followed up with a soft "yea, I do remember that". Jeffery then got down on one knee as he was pulling the ring out of his pocket, my eyes became so BIG, the boys were confused about what was going on.... and he asked "Brittany Yvonne Cullin, will you do me the honor of being my WIFE?" What was supposed to be an August 2024 wedding is now a May 2023 wedding almost a full 365-days from the day he proposed!!!

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