Morgan & Robert

We’re getting married!!!!


Robert Crow


Morgan Mohr


September 23, 2023

Covington, OH
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We don’t have time for this

Bob and Morgan met through the infamous Moeller Brew Barn. Morgan had quietly been eye balling him for months leading up to her birthday celebration with Matron of Honor Lacey. On the night of celebration during a game of Jenga Bob came over to talk but Morgan was too shy to engage in conversation. At the end of the night Lacey left Morgan’s phone number on a receipt and asked the waitress to give him the number saying “we don’t have time for this!” Bob got off his shift at 11 o clock and decided he’d take a chance (thank God he did) to text ALLLL night. We spent our first date at Starbucks which impressed Morgan because Bob drove 30 minutes for a 30 min day date which has become a staple to our relationship. Fast forward lots of great memories and three years filled with Covid quarantine together, day dates to Second Street market, picnics in the park, late nights of board games and video games, cow and rabbit shows, long weekends at competitions, job changes, home projects and family trips and Bob finally popped the question!! The engagement was perfect from the mountain view’s of Gatlinburg to the tongueless tennis shoes Bob wore! We are so excited to share our love and commitment with all of our friends and family and include all of our favorite things on our wedding day! 💜