Yoandra & Cristobal








March 15, 2024

Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez Department
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Our Story

This beautiful story begins with two individuals who both applied to work at the same restaurant. Cris, the son of a wonderful Guatemalan family who came to the United States seeking a better life and more opportunities. And Yoandra, the daughter of two individuals who found their way from El Salvador in pursuit of the American dream. Little did they know that their paths were destined to cross, leading to a love story for the ages. Their journey started with a light-hearted conversation, where they instantly connected over their shared love and passion for music. As they got to know each other, Cris and Yoandra made the first of many choices that would shape their future together. The choice to bond over their favorite songs and the inspirations behind their unique tastes in music. As time passed, their connection grew stronger, and they made the decision to move from being friends to becoming a couple. Together, they embarked on a wonderful journey, completing their pursuit of engineering degrees, attending countless music festivals and concerts, and exploring the world through travel adventures. Eventually, they took the momentous step of moving in together, building a life intertwined with love and shared dreams. Amidst the joyous moments and challenges, Cris and Yoandra learned the true value of making choices. However, the most significant choice of all came when Yoandra joyfully accepted Cris' heartfelt marriage proposal in May 2022. From that moment on, they embraced a path of togetherness, supporting and cherishing each other every step of the way. As they plan their special day, they are once again faced with choices, including who to invite to share in their love and happiness. Just as they chose each other, day after day, they continue to make loving decisions for their family and friends. And now, they invite you to be part of the most magical choice of all, as they begin the rest of their lives together. It would be an absolute dream come true if you could join them on this special day, celebrating the love they've chosen, and witnessing the start of their forever journey. See you in Antigua.

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