Chelsea & Matt


Hi, welcome to our wedding website! Matt and I are extremely excited for this next chapter 🤍







May 11, 2024

Chelan, WA
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Our Relationship

First comes friend-zoning, then comes marriage.

Matt and Chelsea met in college, thanks to a mutual friend. After seeing the way Matt and Chelsea interacted, a few of his friends knew they were meant to be together. For the next 8 years they would flirt, and find moments to interact with each other in any way possible. Matt called Chelsea countless times to ask for rides when he didn’t want to drive anywhere. When she decided not to answer the phone 80% of the time, he would leave her voicemails and keep her in the loop. When she did pick up the phone, they would talk for long periods of time. Matt was always there for Chelsea, hell or high water; she knew that if she was ever in a bind he was the one to call. Eventually, Chelsea decided enough was enough and made the first move. After a sweet goodnight kiss, Chelsea decided to put the ball in Matt’s court. Well of course, Matt did nothing with that. A few months down the road, they decided to go on a few dates and figure things out. This blossomed into a wonderfully strong relationship. Three weeks into them dating, Matt asked, "How soon is too soon to ask for your hand in marriage?” Followed by a very nervous, but long-time-coming "I love you!” Six months into the relationship, while Chelsea was getting ready to go out to dinner with her co-workers, she walked out into the living room to see Matt on one knee with a ring in his hand and a smile on his face. He was too nervous to speak, but Chelsea immediately said, “Yes,” followed by "…you didn't actually ask though so I'll need to hear it!" Matt asked for her hand in marriage and the rest is history.