Allison & Michael

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Michael Capozzi


Allison Terranova

February 15, 2025

Woodbury, NY
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How We Met

Go Jaspers!

We met in college in 2014 when Allie was a freshman and Mike was a junior. Allie had gotten a performing arts scholarship at Manhattan College, which put her in pep band. The pep band would play at all the home basketball games (Go Jaspers!). Mike was the president of the band at the time. It was within the first few weeks of school when we realized that we had the same birthday! Every 11/17 since then, we'd make sure to text each other happy birthday :)

Our Engagement Story

A taste of home in Vancouver

When Michael and Allison first started dating, they began a tradition of going on vacation for the 4th of July. Their journeys have taken them to the Catskills, Maine, Massachusetts, Toronto, and Vancouver, Canada. When they arrived in Vancouver, Michael suggested they walk to go find a place to eat dinner. On the way, they stopped at the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the lion statues at the main entrance. When Michael and Allison first started dating, they would meet up at the New York Public Library to hang out and get coffee during breaks at their office jobs. The lions at the Vancouver Art Gallery were an homage to the NYPL lions that they so often visited together. Once they passed the lions, they started to walk again to find dinner. That’s when Michael stopped Allison, got down on one knee and proposed. And the rest is history :)