Our Happily Ever After



Burke Millard


Courtney Poor

September 2


How We Met

Astronaut Courtney has landed.

Courtney and Burke would meet at Crossroads College and Young Adult ministry summer kick-off party in 2018. If you know anything about West Texas, the weather is always unpredictable. That being said, the summer kick-off party quickly turned into a nasty dust storm, and everyone was stuck inside for the remainder of the evening. Courtney had just graduated high school and Burke had recently moved to Odessa to do sales in the oilfield. Burke approached a group, eager to introduce himself and get to know some other "college and young adults", only to be disappointed and find out they had just graduated from Permian Highschool only 3 months ago. After this night, Burke and Courtney began a friendship.. just a friendship. A couple years went by of growing this friendship and the two would find themselves hanging out in the same friend group and serving together more often. In the summer of 2020, Burke asked Courtney to dinner and she said yes. The date went well and was unlike anything Courtney had known. Although the date was a success, there was so much Courtney thought she needed to figure out, leading her to tell Burke she needed "space" (now you might understand the tagline of this story). As some of you may know, Courtney didn't stay in space for too long. After a good 48 hours and Courtneys best friend telling her to allow someone to be good to her for once, she knew exactly what she wanted. Even though Courtney had reached out quite a bit sooner than planned; Burke still kept his word to give her space for a specific amount of time. We still don't know if that was sweet or stubborn of him lol. Then, as they say, "the rest was history". Their story hasn't been perfect, but it has been full of the Lord's grace and provision over their lives. They each found a teammate to do life with forever. As you read this, may I ask that you keep Courtney and Burkes marriage in your prayers always? They are nothing without God and what He has done and will continue to do in their lives.

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