Danielle & Nick

Meet us at the top of the mountain


Nick Rice


Danielle Clucas

October 7, 2023

North Conway, New Hampshire
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Our Story

Nick and Danielle have passed each other so many times throughout their lives. Danielle growing up in Melbourne, and Nick in Cocoa Beach, attending rival high schools. Both of their paths led them to Jacksonville where they went to the same University, lived in the same apartment complex, and were both regulars at Maggianos in their 20s (Nick bartending, and Danielle enjoying Happy Hour). Nick likes to tell people he has been trying to get Danielle’s attention all these years. Finally, through Bumble, the two matched and of course Danielle casually sent a meme and Nick eagerly responded. After a great first date, Nick wanted to lock in another date, and wowed Danielle with tickets to Disney on Ice. That’s when she knew he was the one. He has continued to embrace her love of Disney, even proposing at her favorite park Epcot. Nick and Danielle have enjoyed renovating their house, being out at the beach, traveling up to the mountains, and spending time with their two dogs Bentley and Nana. Danielle can be seen supporting the Jags and Irish while Nick is learning a new tradition on Sundays, Formula 1.  Nick and Danielle sometimes will start saying they wish they had met sooner, but it’s always followed by “the time apart made us perfect for each other now, just the way God intended”.