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September 13

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The First Day

Borrowed Bucks

The start of Corey and I's relationship started in a bar..I know. Super cliche. But our story is not normal, but I wouldn't change anything on how we met. Because anyone who knows us, knows that it is us. Weird and quirky. He hated my customer service, and I hated the snarky reply he made about me not having his drink. Safe to say that Corey and I did not get off on the right foot at the start. But a snide comment here and there, and the never-ending shit talking, turned into an amazing friendship, which blossomed into our relationship. Then he asked for my number, then it became an exciting, crazy relationship. Many exciting nights of taking late drives blaring music, playing TONS of pool and darts, making jokes and many laughs, staying up all night talking about dreams and goals and deep secrets about each other, and too many others to count. But all were adventures that led up to the night he asked me to be his wife. When Corey met me, I was a disaster, the worst if its kind. But he has opened up my eyes to what love is supposed to be and I can't thank him enough for everything that he has done for me. December 27th, 2022; Corey and I got hot chocolates and took me to the Chmielewski house and looked at the most beautiful Christmas lights, and in that moment, I looked over at him, and I knew that he was the one. December 31, 2022, was when we had officially started dating. To end the year and to start a new one together. Then New Years of 2023, one whole year of laughs, tears, friends and family, he proposed and asked me to take on the greatest adventure together: life. We have worked through our differences and taught each other so many things about life. Thank you for loving me whole heartedly and handling all my mood swings with grace and kindness. I promise to make you laugh uncontrollably. And to be by your side through all the hard times. I have been asked why I want to marry Corey, my answer is this...I love Corey for being himself, he always honest and gives you honest advice, even when you don't want to hear it. He is a loyal person and is always willing to help friends and family in need and will give the shirt off his back without hesitation. He also never fails to remind me how much he cares for me in the little things he does. But most of all, he never lets me forget to cherish the little things in life, because tomorrow is never promised. To love unconditionally with no regrets. I have always dreamt about my wedding day, what my dress will be like, and in my wildest dreams, I never thought I would be so lucky to have Corey by my side to share it with. Thank you for being my rock, my partner in crime, the skoden till then end, the stoo to my dis, the eeeeee to my leeleelee. (If you know, you know) Thank you for brightening my days and giving me reasons to smile. Adventure is out there for us! And I can't wait to see where this takes us! I am yours, and you are mine. The Carl to my Ellie.

Sometimes starting fresh is setting the futures foundation.

Everyone wants the perfect romance. Everyone wants the cute story of love at first site. But, that isn't who we are. Let's be real. Transparent, if you would. We started in a bad way. Horrible first impressions on each other. Yet, weeks later, we were talking trash to each other. And, in moments of trash talk... We found connection and spark. In months, we found flames. In time, we found distance. We both let go; we had to grow. Fast forward about a year later... We found ourselves being supportive of each other through some struggles. We found ourselves comforting each other through hurt. We found ourselves, drawn back to each other. We found our souls a home. We have had many adventures together since we have gotten back together. We have some great ones planned. But, if I'm being honest... our best adventure is yet to come. It begins on a set date and is only bound by our will to fight for each other. I will tell you this, when I asked if we could make it official again, I asked if you were certain. You said "Yes". I asked if you were certain again, you said, "YES! Why?" I told you, because this time I'm playing for keeps. I meant it. I want you to be my now. I want you to be my tomorrow. I want you to be my forever. I love you, Kimimila.