Liv & Cooper


Cooper Doty


Liv Jerden

June 3, 2023

How We Met

Liv's side: The first time I met Cooper I was serving at the Brunswick Kitchen. I remember watching him walk through the doors for the first time and thought he was so cute; he was our new dishwasher. We didn't talk at first, but I finally worked up the courage to ask him the basics. We hit it off immediately. I had known of him for a while but never had the chance to know who he is. We were going into our junior year that coming August and I had my fingers crossed that we'd have a class together...and what do you know. We had 2nd period Spanish. Inside I was screaming, but outwardly I played it cool. I quickly developed a crush on Cooper. About two days after school started, he caught COVID, and I didn't see him for two weeks. During that time, it allowed my infatuation with him to die off. Once he came back, it was like no time had passed. We were cutting up in Spanish (frequently getting in trouble,) and goofing off at work more than actually doing our jobs. My feelings for him were quick to come back but dare I say anything. Throughout junior year we were the best of friends; I told him everything as did he with me. We were on and off with different people and the timing never seemed right with each other. I wanted to do everything I could to deny my feelings for him. I was always telling everyone, my best friends as well as my parents that I would never like Cooper. Needless to say, that wasn't very true. But finally, the stars aligned or something, idk. Cooper was texting me late one night in July and was asking for girl advice. I had a feeling everything he was saying was directed towards me, so, (selfishly) I encouraged him to say what he needed to say to this nameless female he was talking about. And lucky me, because he spilled his heart out to me in that moment. This is what I had been waiting for. But I was terrified, I didn't want this to be the wrong choice and I definetely did not want this to ruin the incredible friendship we had been building. But we decided to give it a go and...well, the rest is history. Cooper really is the Jim Halpert to my Pam Beesly. I love him more than I could ever express and I cannot wait to begin this life with him by my side.