Josefa & Connor

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November 3, 2023

Indianapolis, IN

The Story So Far..

Meeting by working at the same bar for years, at first Connor and Josefa were complete strangers. Through common connections involving old friends Connor went to high school with, and coincidentally Josefa becoming close with the same group of friends in college. They had more in common then they had first thought. Tackling numerous of ups and downs of being coworkers, long shifts together, and nights out after work. Connor and Josefa became closer personally as friends. Even while our lifestyles were different, once a moment opened up, Connor pounced at the opportunity for a date. The first time Connor took Josefa out they went to an arcade bar and Connor hit the high score in life by impressing Josefa with his incredible arcade talents and being able to make his date laugh. They continued casual dates and get together with friends up until Covid hit. Covid shut down the restaurant they worked at causing a separation, but as they say; distance makes the heart grow fonder. While not seeing each other everyday at work, they quickly realized something was missing and they needed to spend time together to fill that void. Connor had recently just moved into a townhome closer to Josefa and during lockdown they used their time to continue safe and fun dates as they grew closer. After a long apartment search for Josefa, she conveniently chose the apartment complex closest to Connors house. This apartment quickly became an extra stop in Josefa's day as most of her time was spent at Connors. After the lease was up Josefa and her behemoth of a cat, Taco, officially moved in with Connor and his two cats, Mimzy and Hamms. A few months of living together and they quickly realized their home was no where close to being big enough for their now family of five. Come the Summer of 2022, Josefa and Connor bought a home together, and although there is no white picket fence, it was the dream home they had wanted. Enjoying their new home ownership they found themselves busy with yard work, maintenance, and plenty of painting on their new home. They explored the new area and found solitude in nearby restaurants such as Sahms and Capri, where they would spend many nights as new homeowners. Fast forward to a chilly October day in 2022. They had plans to meet Connors parents at Capri that night for dinner, but luckily earlier in the day they watched their favorite show together, Seinfeld. One of the episodes included a proposal with no ring, the biggest taboo of them all. This got Connor thinking and during dinner that night he got an idea. He casually got some insurance and asked Josefa if he were to purpose in such a manor, how would she react? "If the moment was right, who cares" she exclaimed. Well little did she know about twenty minutes later in the parking lot Connor would be on his knee empty handed in the parking lot asking for her hand in marriage. After absolute shock and many tears of joy, and cursing of joy, she said yes. Well shortly after she said yes, they went to the jewelry store where Connor would show Josefa the ring he had chosen, but not yet purchased. As Connor always does, he picked the perfect one and they bought it on the spot. That holiday season was spent showing off the ring and getting used to it. Josefa would be very concerned wearing it in public and that the Target shopping carts would scratch it. Comfort and growth is where our couple is now. They have their dream home, a fur family, bright futures ahead of them professionally, and Josefa finally did get comfortable wearing the ring. In fact, she gets extremely uncomfortable without the ring now. They still watch Seinfeld from time to time, still enjoy the night out to Capri, and they still enjoy fun new experiences with friends and family.