Angelica & Conner






May 9, 2024

Julian, CA
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How We Met


We met at work! Who would've thought a small conversation at a work potluck would have us here today. I sat right by the water cooler and lets just say Conner came and refilled his tiny paper cup every 30 minutes. After months of flirtatious banter, he still hadn't asked for my number, I offered it up and texted him. After more than a few first-date reschedules and eventually cancellation on his end, I had decided to move on...until one day somehow he was able to convince me to grab drinks after work. I figured since the bar was only a minute walk from the office, if he canceled again I'd officially cancel him from my life. He ended up not bailing. He showed up and managed to woo me with his Conner-like personality and blue eyes, the rest is history.

The Proposal


If I'm being honest I had felt a proposal coming for months... I made sure my nails were done and pretty all time. But then, our cat (Toulouse) literally almost died and at the same time my body was not reacting well to an oyster I had eaten and stress from my cat dying... I was a huge mess for 3 months. Right in the middle of my mess, in early December of 2022 we drove up to Big Bear Lake to celebrate birthdays with my family. I had no idea he was planning a proposal, I literally peeled my nail polish off on the drive up. Apparently I made the proposal really hard to do because I didn't want to go on a walk. But after 30 minutes of my mom insisting I had to see the sunset, we all went for a stroll. I turned around and there he was on one knee, the last thing I expected. After a huge gasp, with tears in my eyes I said yes and then we all hugged and cried. It was a day I'll never forget. The perfect pick me up <3

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