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Taylor Jackson


Collin Murphy


April 26, 2024

Ocho Rios
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How We Met

Taylor and I had mutual friends, which led Taylor to boldly “shoot his shot” by asking me “Does your Mama let you date?” After a couple weeks of conversing back and forth, we made that first date happen in early March of 2022, and now we’re getting married!!!

The Proposal


Taylor purchased the ring of my dreams months prior, from one of my best friends, April! It is so beyond special to me that he and her customized it together!! A few days prior to the proposal, Taylor made a comment that his cousin Randall said “Make sure you get your hair done, nails done whatever you do for good luck to ward off bad weather at the lake.” This immediately made me suspicious, as if you know Randall, you know he’d NEVER say this!! So I spend the week constantly thinking “Is this it!?” Well, of course I “prepared” just in case. The day of, the environment at the lake was relaxed and Taylor seemed very chill. We went out on the boat with friends until after 5pm and had dinner plans with them at 6pm. I was beginning to think, “No way is it today, there’s not time before dinner, I barely have time to get ready, and then it’ll be dark, blah blah blah.” Well turns out my friend Mckenzie was totally in on this, and there were NO DINNER PLANS! So Taylor drives to “dinner” while Mckenzie makes up a story that her dog got out so that they would be late. Taylor insisted on not wanting to wait around at the restaurant and suggested we go to the dam. He then began frantically texting someone (it was the photographer) and started acting SO NERVOUS! He was squeezing my hand walking across the dam and quite honestly saying the dumbest things LOL. Then he tapped me on my shoulder, got down on one knee and said “Look, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” Choking back all the tears, it was perfect. The Chatuge dam is one of Taylor’s favorite places in Hiawassee, where we frequently spend the summer with family and friends. We then went back to the campers where his family and mine welcomed us with a little celebration!

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