Lilly & Colin


It's FINALLY Happening!

Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Lilly German


Colin Mattix

The Crossing at Kerrville
Millington, TN

How We Met


Queue "falling in love at work" story. We both worked for the same company, just different locations. At my clinic, we were in need of an x-ray technologist for a little while, and his clinic sent him over. I was an intern to be a CMA at the time. We both connected instantly. What really got me hooked was his quick-wit, charm, and jokes. However, on one particular day, he bought me flowers. Completely unexpected and so sweet! We talked everyday, and we would talk at work whenever we weren't busy. At the time, we had Saturday clinic, and we would try to work together on Saturdays as much as we could. We would go to Rock n Roll sushi just about every Saturday we worked together. It became "our thing." Also, I don't remember a time we never talked. Hell, even today, we still call each other after work until we get home. I've had people ask if we ever get annoyed with each other since we talk everyday... Nah! I knew from the beginning that I have found my person. The one my soul belongs to. On 01/03/2021, he asked me to be his girlfriend. One of many yes's!

From the Bride & Groom:

Parking: There are limited spots on the venue site. It is recommended to carpool to the wedding! Safety: We love you and your little ones, and we want them to be safe. The venue is right in front of a road and cars go up and down that road fairly often. Also, the venue does have brick stairs. We just ask to watch your little ones and have a great time! Thank you!