Kayla & John








February 6, 2023

Gilbert, AZ

Our engagement video

The Beginning

First comes Hinge, then come marriage...

John and Kayla met through a dating app called Hinge in 2019 and after talking for a while, they decided to meet. John invited Kayla to his place for a barbeque with his daughter and his roommates. They had no idea that on that first night, they would end up talking until Kayla needed to go to work at Starbucks the next morning. Which Starbucks? The one that John and his daughter, Anna, would go to every morning. Funny enough, Kayla remembered his car, but not John. This would mark the beginning of one of the best love stories they had both ever experienced. Fast forward to 2022 - John and Kayla are at the Kane Brown concert, an artist they hold very dearly in their hearts as his song "Heaven" is their song. The song "Good As You" began to play and as everybody stood up, they stay seated and John pulled out a ring to propose. Through good times, bad times, and hard times, John and Kayla had always been there for each other. They cannot wait to continue this journey and to see what else life has in store for them, together.