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Morgan Mattfeld


Cody Box

March 9, 2024

Cedar Park, TX

For curious minds

You know how people always tell you not to date your coworkers? Whoops. We were working together at a catering company. Fun fact, we spoke on the phone almost every day for up to a month (Morgan was bossing Cody around) before we actually met face to face. Morgan found Cody to be a most unsavory personality, while Cody was almost instantly attracted to Morgan's beauty, whit, and ability to deliver meals to wealthy people. Needless to say, as time went on, and Cody and Morgan continued to take on different roles within different areas of the company, they grew in friendship. Then, in 2020 the pandemic hit and they stopped working together for several months. It became clear at that time that there was an undeniable void without the daily interaction they were so used to having. As restrictions began to lift, Morgan was placed in a new role and asked who she would like to have working on her new team. She answered, "Cody Box" without hesitation. At the time she said it was because he was well organized and would help get things moving smoothly (which was not untrue), but as time went on she knew it was because she wanted an excuse to spend more time with him. After many months of working very closely, Cody was very sure about how he felt about Morgan. Morgan was sure Cody was attracted to her, but had plenty of experience with misreading cues with men in her life. So she continued to lay low. Finally, on the way to the airport for another friend's wedding, Cody dropped the bomb that he had strong feelings for Morgan. With two minutes left before he dropped her off she said, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this information?" To which Cody responded, "Just don't worry about it. Relax and have a great weekend!" Classic. When Morgan returned from the wedding, they had a long chat about the risks of dating each other while working so closely together and whether they thought it was worth giving it a go. They decided it was. And the rest, leads us to right about now. Two years later and happily engaged to be married. It's been a long journey of forging a friendship, learning how to work together well, and learning to love each other a little better each day. We cannot wait to start a life together and bring you all along with us! Thanks for all you've done to help us be the people we are today. We love you!

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