Andrea & Clyde


Clyde Patterson


Andrea Gorsline


March 11, 2023

Abilene, TX
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The Andryde Story

For many years, Clyde and Andrea were 2 strangers, enjoying their singleness, but knowing deep down, or hoping for something more. Finally, they both took the plunge for help, turned to online dating. They put themselves out there hoping to find love. They matched with each other one evening and found many things to talk about. They talked and talked for a week. Then finally exchanged phone numbers and they haven’t stopped talking since. One night after Clyde was in already snug in his bed, there was invite to watch Andrea sing karaoke. At 9:30 PM one Monday night, Clyde got out of bed and got dressed to drive to Abilene to meet Andrea. The first meeting went well until the hug goodbye. It was a SIDE HUG!! Who gives a side hug to a date? They continued to talk and by Wednesday had already planned our fist date. They went to Texas Roadhouse and ate steak together. Again with the weird impressions, Clyde shook a knife at Andrea the whole time. Apparently he did something right because he wooed her enough to take her to the movies later that same evening. They have had many fun adventures since then, including Dive-in movies that had audio problems, trips to San Antonio where people break into the car, late night drives home from San Antonio, Fourth of July celebrations where fireworks explode mere feet away, and fires on the lake dam that make proposing a nightmare. Not all of our adventures were less than desirable though. They have had many family holidays together, when Clyde was asked to smoke the thanksgiving turkey for the Gorsline family or when Andrea introduced many vegetables not drowned in butter to the Patterson family. Clyde proposed to Andrea on July 3rd, 2022 at the North Anson Lake under the fireworks.

I Love You Like Pi

Pi is the relation of a circles diameter to its circumference. Just like our love, it is infinite and irrational.