Morgan and Nathan's Wedding

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May 7, 2023

Issaquah, WA

How did we meet?

September 2009

As we entered our English class on our first day of freshman year, we heard the most dreaded announcement one can hear, "please sit in your assigned seats". Our first assignment was to quiz our desk partners to get to know them better. What is your favorite color? "Orange". What is your favorite genre of movie? "Horror". Do you think your desk partner is cute? Ha! I made that last one up but looking back on it now I credit Mrs. Scott for unintentionally setting us up.

It's Official

March 19th, 2010

It was a spirit day, and Morgan was with her friends dressed as one of the seven dwarfs (can you guess which one?). The first bell of the day rings and everyone scurries off to their first class. As Morgan approaches the entrance to the main building, Nathan stops her. He has an orange rose (our favorite color) and asks, "Will you be my girlfriend?" Let's just say Morgan's costume would have been perfect if she was dressed as Bashful (No, we don't remember which dwarf! This was 13 years ago!).

Where are we now?


We made it through our high school years and headed off to college in Bellingham, Washington. We lived in the dorms our first year. In 2014, we moved in together. During our time in Bellingham, we lived in 3 different apartments over 6 years. We graduated school, got our first adult jobs, and adopted our sweet Princess Tess. In 2019 we received the best news ever! Nathan was accepted into medical school in Chicago, IL! We packed up our stuff and moved across the country driving a Uhaul, Jetta, and Camry (thank you Mary for making the trek with us!). Now it is 2023, Nathan is finishing his residency interviews and we will be embarking on our next adventure this summer. We will find out where we will be moving at the end of March, and let me tell you, time could not be moving any slower! MARCH 2023 MATCH UPDATE! Indianapolis here we come! We are beyond thrilled Nathan matched at one of his top program choices- Indiana University! We will be making the move to the Hoosier State at the beginning of June!

The Proposal

August 18th, 2022

Nathan planned a mini vacation to the upper peninsula in Michigan. Morgan was yearning for some outdoor adventure, and needed to be surrounded by hills and trees (she was born and raised in Washington, can you blame her!?) We took a road trip, making stops at Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, and Door County before crossing the Michigan state line. We stayed in a cute renovated hotel in Marquette, MI. Marquette is a college town with a lot of recreation, it reminded us of Bellingham, WA! We started the day off by going to Presque Isle Park, a cute park with a lighthouse and some hiking trails. Next, we drove to Sugarloaf Mountain for a hike with a little bit more elevation. The sun was out and the hike was beautiful. At the top, there was a lookout deck, and we could see 360 degrees around, it was incredible! Morgan noticed Nathan was acting a bit off but attributed his strange behavior to the breathtaking views of sugarloaf mountain. As we started the descent down, Nathan pulled Morgan aside to a more private lookout surrounded by trees. This is where he popped the question! Morgan was completely surprised, to say the least. It was such a sweet proposal (Get it? Sugarloaf Mountain...sweet proposal...Ha!)

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