Delaney & Clay



Clay Llewellyn


Delaney Gay

September 23, 2023

Saratoga, CA

How We Met


It's every millenials' dream. You're swiping endlessly on a dating app, when suddenly someone grabs your attention. It could be their smile, it could be their eyes, it could be "I Am... Batman" being listed in their Bio. For Delaney, it was that Batman bit. For Clay, it was the mere mention of John Mulaney in her bio that led him to (correctly) assume they'd have a similar sense of humor. After sending quotes from The Office back and forth for a few weeks, we met in person to grab drinks, listen to dueling pianos, giggle nervously, and the rest is history.

How Clay Proposed


We were finally in Hawaii after rescheduling our trip from 2020, and Delaney's friend Marissa was kind enough to reserve us a room at Aulani for our first night (pretty sneaky!). The first morning we woke up in paradise, we were scheduled to meet Marissa & her family down at the beach to "take their family photos". After a series of delays to keep Delaney in the hotel room so she wouldn't ruin the surprise, we eventually made our way down to the beach. Delaney quickly started crying hearing the song that was playing, Clay got down on one knee, and we got lots of applause from the other guests already at the beach that morning.