Kendra & Cameron


We're Getting Married!

Kendra Kimball


Cameron Clavin

October 28, 2023

Lancaster, SC

How We Met

We met on the dating app Hinge and had our first date at Dilworth Tasting Room here in Charlotte in June 2021. Everything went perfectly and we both left saying we wanted to see each other again. We went out again the following week and things moved quickly from there!

The Proposal

It was Cameron’s birthday (October 22) and we had plans to go to dinner with some friends later in the evening. We were in the middle of building our house, and Cameron decided that the guise of showing our friends the house would be a good setting to propose and have someone be there to take photos, etc. Cameron's parents went over to the house earlier in the day and put out decorations and a big "Will You Marry Me?" sign, all of which was in the upstairs part of the house. We showed our friends the first floor of the house with the full element of surprise still in play and then headed upstairs. The sign was visible from the second you set foot upstairs since drywall had not been hung yet, but Kendra was oblivious to the entire thing and Cameron had to basically point it out to her. She immediately said yes after reading the sign before he could get the question out. The evening ended with dinner with friends in South End to celebrate!

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