We’re getting married!


Mark Carino


Cindy Cifuentes


March 9, 2024

Las Vegas, NV
17 days17 d35 minutes35 min42 seconds42 s

Our love story

A Tale Of College Sweethearts

Mark and Cindy met at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on the tail ends of their college careers. As faith would have it, they both sat in the back of the auditorium for one of their marketing courses. Cindy sat a few rows in front of Mark, while he was in the back row watching Netflix throughout the lecture. Mark took notice of Cindy and wanted to get to know her more. Their paths finally crossed a few weeks into the semester when Mark’s friend KC asked Cindy if she wanted to join a study group. Being such the studious person Cindy was, she was all for it. Mark was not interested in studying but wanted to use this opportunity to finally talk to her. This study group eventually dwindled down to just the duo, where the two got to know each other on a more personal level. They would go out to eat and meet up with each other during and after their work shifts as Nightlife Promoters on the Las Vegas strip. The more they got to know one another the more they realized there was a connection. After months of getting to know one another, hanging outside of school, and seeing each other graduate college, they finally became official after attending their first EDC together. After adopting their dog Snoop, years of music festivals, traveling the world, progressing in their respective careers and building a home from the ground up, Mark asked Cindy’s parents for their blessing to marry their daughter. In the ensuing months, Mark made multiple attempts to finally propose to Cindy. He planned multiple date nights on the Las Vegas Strip, but didn't feel the timing was right each time. Around this time, Mark's lola (grandma) was in town visiting her Las Vegas residence and planned a trip to the Grand Canyon. The two tagged along and Mark felt this would be his best opportunity to propose. He planned for the two to wake up early and set upon Grand Canyon National Park to watch the sunrise. As the sun rose and the two sat along the cliff side watching the view, Mark got down on one knee and asked Cindy for her hand in marriage. She said Yes and the rest is history. Mark and Cindy are so excited to embark on life’s journey with each other and for you to join them in this union!

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