Cicely & Justin

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Cicely Mitchell


Justin Henderson

December 29, 2024

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Where it all started...

Cicely & Justin met through mutual friends 23 years ago and it just wasn’t the right time (both of them being in their early 20’s). They went their separate ways and had no contact for over 2 decades. They were social media friends for years, but never engaged in conversation until 2022. Living in Houston, TX, Justin made a trip back home to St. Louis to visit family & friends. Cicely crossed his mind and he decided to reach out to see how she was doing and get some clarity regarding their past relationship. Justin asked Cicely out to dinner and she agreed. When he came into town they met for dinner and had great conversation. Both agreed they wanted to continue to keep in contact. The venue where they met wasn’t the ideal place for an in-depth conversation. There was much more to be said... After getting back to Houston, Justin sat down and wrote Cicely a 5-page letter expressing how he felt about her and his life-changing experiences over the years. They continued to talk everyday, like clockwork, and discovered there were still very strong feelings between them. The two were at the ideal time in their lives where they were ready to find that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with. They both decided to take their relationship to the next level. Justin asked Cicely to be his girlfriend. After courting one another for several months, Justin decided to take a “leap of faith” and ask Cicely to be his wife. She said Y-E-S and...the rest is history!!!

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