January 22, 2022
Escondido, CA

steven & ciara

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet our family and friends who are walking down the aisle with us.

Alexander Lindsey

Man of Honor

Halfway through 8th grade, I met Alex, the new kid at school, when he was seated next to me in class. We instantly hit it off through lunchtime hangouts, silly games of handball, and late-night AIM chats. Just a few months after meeting, I moved hundreds of miles away to San Diego. Despite the distance, we maintained our close friendship throughout high school and finally reunited after we graduated when Alex moved to San Diego. We’ve grown up together over the years, shared in each other’s accomplishments and letdowns and through it all Alex is always there with infinite support. As Alex’s friend, I’ve witnessed his unrestrained kindness to everyone, a Winston Bishop range of pranks, and boundless amounts of courage to attempt his dreams. I am a better person for having Alex in my life.

Samuel Peterson

Best Man

I've known Sam since before I can remember - we met as kids almost as soon as my family moved to San Diego. I still remember walking over to his house every weekend to play games as long as we possibly could, working together to get our parents to allow sleepovers. After 27 years of hijinks, our senses of humor have grown together in so many ways, and we still have no problem staying up all night talking about conspiracy theories or arguing about whether a hot dog is a sandwich. Sam is always willing to get goofy with me or to be a partner in crime, and I couldn't be happier for him to be my best man!

Dana O'Connor

Matron of Honor

While Dana is Steven's sister, at this point, I've basically claimed her as my own. I remember the first thing I learned about Dana was that she’d managed to cut herself on a banana. I thought to myself “wow, she seems nuts! I need to meet her!”. This proved to be true, and I couldn’t have imagined the friendship we would end up building. Dana and I connected through our over-the-top love of dogs, the outdoors, and a fancy booze to chat over. She is someone I can do absolutely nothing with and still have the time of my life. Dana has a ridiculous sense of humor that complements my own and a never-ending ability to make me laugh. I look to her as counsel for advice on all my problems, big and small. I’m so lucky to have her in my life and on my wedding day, as a sister and a friend.

Michael Clarke


Mike and I met as all the greatest nerds do: on an online forum about overclocking computers. We both had strong opinions on very technical matters and began messaging each other to fight about it. From there, the conversations never stopped. The first time I met Mike, I knocked on his door and waited. And waited some more. His mom had decided I was a salesman and ignored me - he hadn't heard my knocking so I went back to my car and checked again, I definitely had the right address. Eventually, he heard my knocking, we played video games for 6 hours, and the friendship was solidified. For those just meeting Mike, his quiet nature might suggest otherwise, but he is one of the wittiest, most persistent, and kindest people you'll ever know. I couldn't be prouder to call him my friend.

Caitlin Lindsey


Around 10 years ago, I met Caitlin through Alex when they began dating. Over those 10 years, we’ve grown very close, which I am so grateful for and I’ve gotten to know how endlessly caring, compassionate, and hilarious she is. We’ve bonded through our knack for making the best board game team (against the guys), especially when there’s wine involved. We frequently buy the same gift for each other and ourselves because we have similarly great taste, as well as shared priorities (like my never-ending drive to keep her supplied with Salsa Verde Doritos). Caitlin has been there every step of the way in the wedding planning with so much support and encouragement. We feel so lucky to call her one of our best friends and to have her with us on our day cheering us on!