Christy & Brett






November 19, 2023

Cocoa Beach, FL

How we met

Brett and Christy met by chance. Brett sold a piece of art to Christy's mother-in-law Jannis. Jannis and Brett are BIG talkers and ended the exchange with numbers and a promise that Brett would give surf lessons to Olivia and Carolina. That he did. For two years Brett gave lessons to the girls every time they were down in Cocoa Beach. Which was often. Then in 2019 Brett and Christy were finally in the place to connect on a deeper level. They did and it was off from there. From a year of long distance drives and flights, to the pandemic, they were always together. Brett sacrificed his time and sleep to commute between Florida and Georgia sometimes twice a week for nearly that whole year. Then Brett finally decided that he was all in and actually made the move to Georgia and never looked back! Now Brett and Christy have a home with the girls and animals. Nothing but growth and love. That is what it is all about. Love.

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For all the days along the way
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