Lejla & Christopher


Lejla Imamovic


Christopher Witt

April 29, 2023

Purlear, NC

How We Met

Chris and I both went to Southwest High School together. Chris asked me out on a few dates (one being to the movie theater to see Borat) and a few gatherings with friends. We dated for a few months but remained good friends and kept in touch over the years. We always talked about getting together again to catch up throughout the years. In August of 2020, Chris was driving through Greensboro North Carolina, where I happened to live at the time, and asked me if I wanted to grab coffee. We chose a bookstore downtown and walked around in there for a hour just talking. After that, we took a walk in downtown Greensboro and talked for another couple hours laughing and catching up on the last 14 years. When we passed by a brewery, Chris asked me if I wanted to get lunch and a drink, which I excitedly agreed too. After lunch, we walked around some more and I asked Chris if he wanted to hang out on the rooftop pool of my apartment. We ended up spending the whole day together and what we now describe as best coffee date ever!

Our Wedding Story

One of the first trips Chris and I took together was to Ashville NC with our friends Mitch and Sarah. We both always talk about how much we love the mountains and how peaceful it is. So it was easy for us to both agree that on top of a mountain with a great view is where we want to marry. When we first started looking, I showed Chris a few places and he always found something wrong with them. So he decided to look around and the first one he recommended I agreed we should go see. We immediately fell in love with the location and view and it ended up being the one we chose! We are excited to see everyone when they come out to enjoy our ceremony!

How he asked

I always told Chris I wanted it to be private (not around a lot of people) ideally just him and I. One of the parks Chris and I like going to is Swan Lake. One morning Chris and I went to Swan Lake and for some reason I had a feeling he was going to ask. I thought he was acting a little different / nervous and I texted my friend that I think it’s going to happen! We walked around the whole park and I kept thinking he was waiting for no one to be around. Naturally, I got annoyed every time a big group of people came around :) we walked, and walked and walked and walked and nothing. I remember leaving the park and texting my friend telling her I just walked for miles and nothing! :) After the holidays we were taking decorations down. We decorated one of the trees in our front yard with ornaments. Chris asked me if I could get on a ladder and get it because his back hurt. I did and when I turned around he was on his knee holding a ring. Totally surprised me!


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