Save the Date 09/23/23
Save the Date 09/23/23

Christine & Thomas

We’re getting married!


Thomas Dean


Christine Johnson




September 23

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Our story started 24 years ago and we are still adding to it. The 23rd of September is a special day for us. It's the day we found each other again, the day we got engaged, and now it's the day we're getting married. It's a dream come true to have you all with us on this day ❤️

Our Fairytale

A funny thing happened backstage at a wrestling show

Tom and Christine met backstage at a WCW show. They worked together for 6 months before one of the female wrestlers Madusa urged Christine to ask Tom out. They would date long distance for six months. It was a crazy time for both of them and it just didn’t work out. Sixteen years later Christine had just moved to Bowling Green, KY, and her brother Eric and his friend Glen would stop over for dinner on their way back from camping in TN. Eric and Glen had been best friends since college. At dinner that night Christine asked Glen what he was doing in ATL. He said he was a rigging gaffer. Christine said “ I dated a gaffer a long time ago,” Glen asked “Who?” “You wouldn’t know him he’s from North Carolina,” Christine said. “I work with a ton of guys from NC, what’s his name” “Tom.” She said “Tom Dean?” She thought. “I can’t remember his last name.” “What does he look like?” She described his long curly blonde corkscrew hair. “That’s Tom Dean!” She went into her back bedroom and pulled out an old photo album and showed Glen a picture of him. “That’s him!” That night Glen texted Tom “ Do you know Christine Johnson?” Toms reply “ Yes we dated a long time ago.” “Well, I’m having dinner at her house.” He sent Tom a snapshot of the old picture of him and Christine and her phone number. The next day after Eric and Glen left the phone rang. Christine picked up on the second ring. “Hello.” “Do you know who this is?” “I do.” Five phone calls later Christine asked, “ What are you doing this weekend?” Tom's response “I’m coming to see you.” He flew in the very next day, September 23, 2016. And they have been together ever since. When Christine asked Tom “ What made you call?” His response “ Too many things had to line up to bring us back in contact with each other. I thought it was a sign.” On their 6th anniversary, September 23, 2022, after a lovely dinner at Nan. Tom took Christine for a ride on the Ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta. He got down on one knee and asked if she would marry him. She said yes!! They walked off the Ferris wheel and into a Cinderella pumpkin carriage and rode off into the Atlanta night.