Christina & Stephen

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~Pack your bags & passports! ! ! We’re getting married


Stephen Cao


Christina Phan

May 24, 2025

Cancún, Q.R.
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How We Met

It all started when Stephen and Tina agreed to be in her brother Don’s wedding in 2019. Don wanted the wedding party to meet, so on a random week night, the bridesmaids and groomsmen all met at this pho and seafood place in Jersey. Sitting at opposite ends, they didn’t even make eye contact. Little did we know, sparks were flying that night.. it just wasn’t with each other, it was with Stephen and Sam (Tina’s brother in law). We had another meet up the night before the wedding in September months later with both families and this night was when Tina thought “hey this guy is kinda cute!” And vice versa..😁 the wedding happened and they danced the night away, even being the last ones on the dance floor. & now, they will be dancing at their own wedding.

The Proposal


What seemed like just another birthday dinner celebration actually turned out to be one of the most perfect nights ever. After finishing up work that Friday, Tina rushed home to get ready for dinner. Stephen was already dressed and just doing some finishing touches with his hair. We were on a time crunch, but Stephen wasn’t rushing her, which she thought was out of the ordinary but didn’t think much of it since it was her birthday. Finishing up dinner at Barclay Prime, the waiter came to the table to apologize for the long wait for the second drinks we ordered and that it was on the house. Excited, Tina said “thank you so much!” Stephen thought otherwise and asked for two boxes and the check. Confused, Tina said she wanted dessert and all Stephen could do was look at the time on his watch because all of their friends and family were waiting at Cherry Street Pier! After they finished, they hopped on a quick Uber to meet with her sister Thai, which we now know is the master coordinator. Right when they got there, Thai goes “there’s something on your eye!” While having her eyes closed, everyone rushed behind them. Turning around, he got down on one knee with their favorite people behind him.

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