Christina & Chaz

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Christina Wangen


Chaz Fails

October 28, 2023

San Juan, Puerto Rico

How We Met

We first met in October of 2016 while working in Deloitte’s Atlanta office, and after 8 months of being friends and Deloitte happy-hour attendees, started dating in June of 2017. Our first date was intended to be a simple Sunday brunch but instead turned into six-hour event with a visit to the Nook bar for after-brunch drinks, a walk through Piedmont Park, and finally dinner in Midtown. After a week apart at our respective client-sites (Chaz in New Jersey and Christina in Fort Lauderdale), Chaz asked Christina out to dinner and took her to Marietta’s historic town-square to show her a bit of his hometown – the rest is history!

The Proposal

After nearly 5 years of dating and having moved to Evanston, Illinois for Christina’s MBA at Kellogg, Chaz flew to London to join Christina for a long weekend of skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland during her winter study abroad at London Business School. On the final day of the ski-trip, Chaz skied with Christina to Riffelberg, a small lodge that overlooked the Matterhorn. Once there and under the guise of taking photos outside with friends, Chaz proposed, making February 8th, 2022 a date we’ll always cherish.