November 6, 2021
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Chris & Danielle

    Heart's Home

We Look Forward To Celebrating Our Love with you

Danielle Tuominen


Chris Baumann

Rancho Cucamonga


November 6


How We Met

Blind Dates, Who Knew!!!!

Due to some scheming between grandparents and parents, a blind date was arranged. In 2014. Who does that right? US! Upon meeting she was smitten and he was dubious and decided that "This wouldn't work, never be more than friends sorry." Famous last words........

The Proposal

Surprise of a Lifetime

So fast forward 4 years after the friend-zone and inevitable realization of never say never. I had a ring bought and was working on plans to surprise her with the whole one knee thing. Was doing the checklist I was given while trying to hide it from her (thank God her close friend is one of my closer friends). She walked in on me getting permission from her dad a week before I proposed, thankfully the tail end of the conversation. I setup a "girl's night" with her friend down at the mission inn and promptly began lying my butt off about having to work that day. I ended up getting there before her at the festival of lights, surprised her in the streets with my being there........and the rest is history! (thankfully she said yes)

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