Edson Sotelo


Chloe Zoltz

September 16, 2023

Glendale, AZ
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Edson and I met when we were both about 18 years old through a coworker of mine but Edsons best friend at the time. We met at a Dutch bros parking lot and I remember being like “wow I really like his face and his teeth” haha. We hung out a few times after that as a group and then a few times just us two. Little 18 year old me was obviously boy crazy at the time and was kinda obsessed with him. Edson on the other hand haha was obsessed with basketball a little more then he was about a girl 😂. He hates when I bring that up, anyway we decided it wasn’t going to work out at the time, we had A LOT of growing up to do. A few years passed and we both had different relationships and lived separate lives. When I turned 22 I want to say, Edson reached back out to me through instagram wanting to hang out and catch up. Me honestly shocked, ran to my best friend Sarah at work and said “you won’t guess who just messaged me!” I of course said yes and as cliché as this sounds the rest is history. After a couple times hanging out Edson confessed his dying love for me lol jk but he said a lot of very kind words that I’ve never been told before and I knew we couldn’t let this go again. About 2 years later Edson proposed to me on a very very snowy day in California, and here we are this is us.