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October 4, 2024

White House, Jamaica

How We Met..

Tim and Chiara met in 2020 during the height of COVID but it started as a business relationship initially. She’d needed him to do a few jobs for her around the house so they swapped numbers. From then on she’d hire him to do handiwork when necessary. They had no idea though that the crossing of their paths was something predestined. One day, Chiara hired Tim to do an installation of curtain rods so when he got off, he went home, showered and got fresh (sprayed on cologne and all lol) and during that interaction they spoke about their single statuses and he expressed an interest in getting to know her on a deeper level. He also told her that he would no longer take money from her for the work he was doing because he wanted to pursue her. She says that “he instantaneously brought a light and so much value to my life that I’ve never known any other man to be capable of. So naturally I gravitated toward him.” He says “she seemed to possess so many qualities I admired and desired in a partner so I had to shoot my shot.” They have been inseparable since!

The Proposal

Tim says that through looking into her eyes, he could see himself growing old with Chiara. He feels that he has found his best friend and once he found himself letting go of his insecurities and breaking down the walls because he could be himself and knew he would still be loved, is when he knew that he wanted to marry her. He had discovered that he could be transparent about anything with her because she brings him peace- which is something he’s always expected of a wife. So he went and bought a ring. He knew he wanted to do it on Christmas because they would be with her loved ones. Every year her family does a Christmas brunch where they also do a Secret Santa gift exchange. As fate would have it, Tim had drawn her name. On Christmas Day, he was freaking out. He had butterflies and began to hyperventilate. Chiara had no idea and family recalls her saying “where’s Tim?” the entire morning. When it was his turn to present his gift, he handed her a wrapped gift which was a perfume she had wanted so after she opened it, he asked if she had gotten her other gift. She was clueless as to what gift he was referring to. He then knelt before her and told her in short that he can not envision his life without her and asked her to marry him. Of course SHE SAID YES!

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