Chelsi & Steven

    The Brune Wedding

We are getting married!

Steven Brune


Chelsi Espiritu


August 5, 2023

Camarillo, CA

Our story

April 19, 2013

Chelsi and Steven met through mutual friends when they were 14 and 16 years old in High School. Chelsi and Steven saw each other for the first time in front of the Regal movie theater in Simi Valley, CA where they were attending a group hangout to watch a movie called “mama” which was known to be a horror movie that had came out that year. Chelsi saw Steven in his Royal pullover football jacket with the number 11 on the sweater. Steven seemed very shy and quiet at first but that did not stop Chelsi from making conversation with the him. Chelsi and Steven, before they knew it will be seeing each other in their lives a lot more often. Chelsi will then ask Steven to be apart of her Quinceanera, for her 15th birthday. As weeks went by during rehearsals and before the big event, the two became fond of each other and started texting and calling each other all day, everyday to the point where they would fall asleep on the phone FaceTiming. They went from strangers, to friends, to best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend to then soon to be loves of their life on that special day of April 19, 2013. Fast forward, to new years of 2021 they finally got engaged after 8 years of living their best lives together. Chelsi and Steven had loved one another and watched each other grow into the people they are proud to be today. They had moved to AZ and had spent 4 years on their own in a new apartment with their fur baby Nova learning how to adjust to their new life away from their friends and family to attend ASU together. Chelsi and Steven soon learned that living together would be a challenge, they had to overcome many obstacles along the way, but this did not stop the two from giving up on one another and learned how to support each other the best they could. Even after all the barriers Chelsi and Steven fell even more in love with each other and their hearts grew fonder. After two years of of their engagement it is now 2023 and Chelsi and Steven will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary as well as starting a new chapter of their married lives together on August 5, 2023 in their home state of CA and continue to bring more love and harmony into their story.

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