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Chelle Culp


Vince Vargas

November 18, 2023

How We Met

Anything Is Possible, If You Just Believe.

It's those once in a lifetime moments when you meet someone, you have no idea what’s going to happen and you certainly have no expectations. It’s in these unplanned encounters, chance meetings and universal collisions that something magical and unbeknownst happens. It was from humble beginnings and in a chance meeting in Washington State that the two of us met. We spent the evening filled with laughter, and opening up sharing our deep interests. We sat chatting it up for hours about individual goals for the next 1, 5 and 10 years, places we each dreamt of traveling to, the importance of family, losses that still pained us and our shared importance of living a life in the present and full of adventure, fun and love. We spent those long hours deep in conversation, valuing the time that we were able to spend together, both of us feeling so appreciative to have the opportunity to connect with one another in this way. Going our separate ways, we never thought we'd have another opportunity to see one another again and certainly could have never fully imagined what the universe had in store for us and our future. Through a series of spirit guided synchronicities and universal happenings, we found ourselves once again aligned perfectly in time. As the universe created more and more opportunities to share experiences and adventures, we quickly realized the blessing of friendship that was organically forming. It seemed no distance, circumstances or roadblocks were going to stand in the way of what God had planned. Shortly after the start of when the pandemic hit, we quickly realized that our feelings had grown into something much more. We decided there was no way we would be able to go any longer without being in one another's lives everyday and decided to take the opportunity to build a life of our own together when it presented itself. It seemed Gods direction was becoming more and more clear as we thought of all the memories that we built over years of friendship with so many shared adventures. Reminiscing and being thankful for the times we spent helping one another through the best and worst of times. It was time we decided to trust in the Divine will that was guiding our hearts, lean into one another, and have faith in that guidance. The next chapter in our story led to moving Chelle out of Washington and down to California to start our journey in building our lives together with our children in the Summer of 2020 and exactly what was meant to be. The amount of love, joy and blessings that have resulted because of taking this leap of faith, have been some of the most memorable and magical times. The dedication, effort and time we put into the blending of our children, families and friends together certainly has brought all more comfort, security and love than ever imagined possible. As we move forward in our journey and share our love, we continue to see evidence of all the many gifts that God adorns us and those around us with. We stand firmly in our unconditional love for one another and thank the Universe for all the gifts and blessings we have received as we create a life full of love, adventure and purpose. Being led to one another and through the past several years is surely nothing short of a miracle and something we are excited to celebrate with our closest family and friends. As we move into this next chapter in our love story, we are thrilled to have you join us in the next chapter of our love story and start on a new adventure. We hope that as we relish in the joy, love and blessings over the next few months, you, too, will share and join us in the belief that anything is possible, if you just believe.

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