May 21, 2022
Vista, CA

Chaz & Kiana


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Chaz Childers


Kiana Clayton



May 21


How We Met

It's a (characteristically freezing) day in Ithaca in 2010. Kiana is performing her daily ritual of procrastinating at Libe Café. She has a crush on her barista, Chaz. They normally only speak with their eyes, but on this day, he asks her if she wants a sample. He made a batch of iced raspberry white mochas. She thought that sounded repulsive but tried one anyway. To her surprise, it was delicious. From that day forward, Kiana ordered an iced raspberry white mocha at Libe Café every single day until she stopped needing to order - she would walk in and Chaz would make it for her without a word. Their first shared ritual. And they lived happily ever after? No. Neither of them had any game. So they continued to make awkwardly long eye contact then look away bashfully. Eventually routines changed, and Chaz became the barista who got away. Luckily, they had more in common than just coffee, so their paths crossed again. In 2016, their shared love of live music brought them to the same music festival on a cruise ship. Then in 2018, a friend's wedding brought Chaz to New York for a weekend. This time, Kiana had more game than she did in 2010 or 2016. She bought him a beer. She texted him one blue heart when they parted ways. (We didn't say she had GOOD game, just MORE game.) The next time he's in New York, it's for their first official date. They share a glass of red wine and talk for hours on Kiana's green velvet couch. A little over two years later, Chaz proposed to Kiana on that very couch, where they sit together now to write this love story. Okay NOW they live happily ever after. ~~The End~~

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