Chasney & William


William Beaman


Chasney Brawner

September 16, 2023

Atwood, TN
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The Proposal

August 20, 2022

Will had a whole day planned with both of our parents. First, the Johnny Cash Museum in Downtown Nashville (my favorite!). Then, a delicious meal at Stoney River Steakhouse & Grill. YUM!! Will said at the dinner table that he wanted to show everyone the Percy Warner Park. He said it would be fun for everyone and a beautiful sight! When we get there, we see a large historical stair case, and Will asked me to climb it with him. When we get back to the bottom, my mother tells me to take a picture with my father (little did I know, Will was already behind us on one knee waiting to pop the question). After the picture I was told to take a picture with Will, and when I turned around there he was. I couldn’t hold in all of the emotions; I immediately started bawling as he was speaking to me. I said yes to forever with the man of my dreams! We couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of our lives and grow together!