May 19, 2018
Fish Camp, CA

Carly & Chase


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Chase Bryhni


Carly Alves

Fish Camp


May 19


Just a little bit about our love story....

Carly and Chase grew up in neighboring towns with many mutual friends. Their paths crossed many times over the years but they never became more than acquaintances until September 2015. One night they both happened to be at the local watering hole with friends when Chase approached Carly and started talking to her. They had a good conversation and parted ways at the end of the night. A month later, Chase contacted her and asked her out. Their first date was dinner at Redwood Cafe. That set the stage for a wedding in the redwoods 2 years later. Redwoods... Yosemite... get it? Ha,ha. Anyways, fast forward to August 2017 and Chase is now trying to propose at the beach. Carly repeatedly ruined his attempts in an effort not to get her shoes dirty and avoiding being cold at the beach as she did not have a jacket. The next day, he got her to the beach claiming to need coffee. Carly set up her phone for a photo and when she turned around, Chase was on one knee. Side note, he enjoyed his coffee first. If you know Chase, this is just as important as Carly saying yes. She said yes.

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