August 6, 2022
Saunderstown, Rhode Island

Katie & Charles


We're getting married!

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Charles Ayers


Katie Downey



Rhode Island

August 6


Our Story

Victory has many parents, and Katie and Charles’s relationship is no exception – many people take credit for introducing the two of them. Whoever specifically arranged it, one Thursday night in fall 2013 Charles and Katie were each other's blind date at a UC Berkeley sorority mixer. The two quickly hit it off discussing the then critically acclaimed TV show Game of Thrones. By the end of the night, Charles had Katie’s number and Katie had numerous good reviews from multiple previously unknown mutual friends. From Hawaiian vacations to board game marathons, Charles and Katie grew closer throughout college, and when they graduated they moved in together. Based in San Francisco, the two have had many other adventures involving wine tours, all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, a trip to Ireland to impress the family, surviving a global pandemic in a 665 square-foot apartment, and more. Because of said pandemic, Katie and Charles have enjoyed a slightly longer than expected engagement. Charles proposed to Katie at the San Francisco Opera House before a production of the Marriage of Figaro in October 2019 – she said yes, sparing them both an awkward four hours of beautiful music. We're so excited for you to join us as we say "I do" at our Rhode Island wedding in August. See you soon!

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