Charisma & Zachary

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Zachary Del Monte


Charisma Ntoya


October 13, 2023

Las Vegas, NV

How It Started

First comes school, then comes marriage.

The year was 2003. William H. Taft High School and we had a class together. Both odd characters with similar interest in life and music, so we hit it off as friends pretty quickly. For a solid year and a half we hung out very often with our small group of friends. Never dated, always platonic. Charisma graduated 2005, Zack graduated 2006. You would have to fast forward well over a decade before our paths would cross again.

Where It Went


Here we are close to 15 years later and the universe brought us together again. Zack was bored and browsing social media one day and a Facebook story post of Charisma's came across his feed. We had stayed connected as friends through the site all these years but never connected. Zack felt drawn to her and something within him told him to message her to see how she had been all this time. They chatted a lot for a few weeks. Charisma would extend an invite to Zack to be her date to a wedding. This was December 2021 and they hit it off romantically pretty well that weekend. Long story short, they knew they had something real rather quickly and started this adventure of a relationship together. We dated long distance from L.A. to Vegas for 8 months until Zack moved in with Charisma here in Las Vegas. Come to October 9, 2022, at their favorite restaurant together and the question was popped! She said yes and now here they are. The universe works in mysterious ways and we are both so over the moon with where we are. We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you.

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