Nicole & Channing


Channing Sewell


Nicole Baker


June 3, 2023

Mathews, AL
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How We Met

I was sitting at work at a night shift job when I sent Channing a message on Bumble. For me it was just a simple, "Hey Zachary," but his response is what changed my mind about him. "Call me Channing, this dumb app won't let me change it." He immediately caught my attention. After a few days of texting back and forth we decided to meet face to face. I was scared, he was nervous, but as soon as we were in each other's presence it felt like we had been there our entire lives. It was a feeling that neither one of us could explain. We instantly knew we were supposed to be together, but we couldn't understand why until one day we started talking about the power of Prayer. I had told him that I had been praying for almost 8 years for a man like him and that God had been preparing my heart for him. Channing's response was that he too had been praying for a woman like me and that he was also preparing his heart. (And trust me, God gave Channing every card in the book in order for him to deal with