April 17, 2020
Los Angeles, CA, 90042

Nikki & Josh


Monstera LeafMonstera LeafMonstera Leaf

Josh Chamberlain


Nikki Meeker

Los Angeles

CA, 90042

April 17


How We Met

Nikki was working at a Young Life camp called Woodleaf in Northern California where Josh took kids to camp for a week in June 2018. While there, Josh was talking to their mutual friend Joe when Nikki came up to ask Joe a question. Joe introduced us to each other and we both left with a curiosity in each other. Three weeks later, Josh came back to Woodleaf to work his month-long assignment. On his first day back, Josh noticed Nikki driving a camp truck and went over to say hi. Nikki forgot Josh's name but Josh did not forget Nikki's. Throughout the next few weeks, we found ourselves naturally gravitating toward one another and more opportunities came up for us to get to know each other better. At the end of the three weeks, Josh found Nikki walking back to her office and nervously asked if he could go back with her. After an hour of chatting when we both knew what was going to happen, Josh *finally* asked Nikki for her number. And ta da...the rest is history!

The Proposal

Josh proposed outside of the beautiful Pasadena City Hall after Nikki's friends convinced her they were running errands and needed to stop at the "Post Office" on the way home. It didn't take her long to realize they weren't actually going to the Post Office when they pulled outside of City Hall and Josh was standing on the steps waiting for her. If you know Nikki well, you know there were immediate tears. Both Josh & Nikki's families were there and popped out to surprise her after she said yes!

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