Cecily & Dane

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Cecily Mullen


Dane Cash

June 1, 2024

Lafayette, CO

A long expected wedding party...

13 years in the making.

Everything started in Charlottesville, VA, at the University of Virginia. It was fall 2009 when Cecily and Dane both happened to be rushing the same co-ed honor fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi. Fortunately for Cecily, Dane had recently transferred to UVA from Georgetown and listened to a friend's suggestion to rush. That semester they both became friends (and brothers). Over the next few semesters, their relationship deepened. What started as a really good friendship gradually shifted. May 17, 2011 marked the arbitrary date chosen for a dating anniversary. In reality it may have been a random night out to dinner in Myrtle Beach during college beach week. In Dane’s last year at UVA, he prepared to head off to California for UCLA Law School. That summer after graduation, Cecily joined Dane on his cross-country move to Westwood in his old, non air-conditioned Honda. It was clear that the relationship was only beginning when Cecily had to fly back to Virginia. Thus began a year of long-distance dating, and a year of discovering law school was not the right path. Over the next few years, both Cecily and Dane found their respective careers while living in northern Virginia. Six years ago, it was Dane’s job that brought them west (again). This time, though, to Boulder, Colorado. While Virginia may have their roots, the mountain west has won their hearts. Why get married now? The question more became “why not?” After more than a few philosophical conversations driving on canyon roads, they both decided the only future is one together.

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