Celeste & Joshua

It’s about damn time!





October 18, 2024

Greenville, SC
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Engagement video made by our amazingly talented friend Jen💛

How we met!

September 2016

So we met at a bar...in Hawai'i! Celeste and one of her closest friends Miranda, decided to do what most 22 year olds do and have a night out on the town! And what else was there to do on a Wednesday night in Waikiki than going to Dave & Busters for their rooftop bar! That's where Celeste and Miranda met a couple of Josh's Marine friends who then introduced Celeste to Josh. After talking for a bit, they realized they were both going to the same music festival that weekend. They both immediately pulled out their phones to exchange contact info, and the rest is history!


October 2016

After only having known each other for 2 weeks, Josh was sent to Arizona for training. During that time, Josh would FaceTime Celeste in the baking AZ sun whenever he had a moment to spare. The connection wasn't always the greatest, but getting to talk to each other was! He finally returned on Halloween and while exhausted, still made an effort to go do what they love most, and go to a music festival that same night.


December 2016

Josh had only been back in Hawai'i for a month and a half when he had to deploy overseas. At this point, they'd been seeing each other almost every day. Josh would make the drive down from the Marine Corp. base in Kaneohe, on the OPPOSITE side of the island, just to spend time with Celeste. Knowing he wouldn't be back in the states for 6 months, Josh asked Celeste if she'd wait for him to get back. Of course she said yes! And so began the waiting game.

Let's Move!

Summer 2017

Josh's enlistment with the Marines was coming to an end and with that, decisions had to be made...While living in paradise is amazing, the rent is not...With plans to start school, Josh decided he was moving back to the mainland. Celeste had already finished her degree and with nothing holding her back, decided to join Josh in San Diego! Here they spent the next four years and met some of their closest friends!


October 2020

Others had pandemic babies, we got a pandemic fur baby! After months and months of wanting a dog, Josh and Celeste found Meeko! After driving over an hour to go meet him, Celeste texted Josh and made the executive decision to bring Meeko home. And so became their little family! Named after the raccoon from Pocahontas for his signature bushy tail, Meeko is the best thing to have come to their lives. An always hungry, hyperactive little trash panda, Meeko definitely keeps Celeste and Josh on their toes! But they wouldn't have it any other way.


March 2021

After about two weeks of asking if she wanted to go to a nice dinner, Celeste was beginning to think Josh was up to something. Nice dinners were usually reserved for birthdays or anniversaries of which none were coming up...All of Celeste's friends and even her mom thought he might pop the question. But Celeste didn't believe at all that he would. So with dinner reservations set, Celeste rushed home from work and started getting ready while Josh took Meeko to the park, to "tire him out." Noticing Josh and Meeko still weren't home, and with time to kill, Celeste still in her bathrobe...decided to lounge on the couch and watch some t.v. That's when she heard a loud THUD outside the door...fearing someone may be trying to break in (it wasn't the best area in town...) Celeste turned the volume off and froze. Moments later, the door opens and Meeko comes bolting in. Celeste goes to say hi when she notices a box stuffed in his bow-tie collar. Josh then walks in, roses in hand and gets on one knee! After about an hour of complete denial of what was going on, she finally said yes!