Cayla & Cordre'







July 14, 2023

Davenport, IA

Hello Family & Friends!

We are reserving these invitations exclusively for our reception. So please RSVP as soon as possible and meet us there as we celebrate our forever love and union to one another!

How We Met

October 2020

I like to tell people that Cordre' was stalking me, but I don't think that joke will carry over very well with everyone. We met during a night out pandemic style *yikes*! We both were ironically celebrating birthdays. I celebrated a relative, as Cordre' was celebrating his own. Crazy enough, he was also very well acquainted with the "birthday girl" in my group and him being the gentleman he is, he sent over a round of beverages. By the end of the night, he had come over to introduce himself to me and eventually asked for my number. Can you believe he asked for my number before he knew my name?! A few dates later he told me he had seen me at that same establishment a couple of times prior to introducing himself, I guess the 3rd time really is a charm because the rest as they say, is history.!


Do you believe in magic?

Have you ever been so in-tune with your person that you can feel and hear what they're saying and yet they haven't spoken a word? It was such an inexplainable experience, but a day we will NEVER forget. If this is what they meant by "sparks will fly", well this was it. Whew time sure does fly when you're having fun! A year after we met, we visited St. Louis to celebrate Cordre's birthday with just the two of us. We had the time of our lives. Before it was time for us to head back home, we had a conversation and he made it clear that he knew he had found his wife in me. Quiet as kept, I knew too lol. Fast forward a little and it is now June 23rd, 2022, and we are having the most amazing time in Jamaica while on a family vacation. The atmosphere made it so much clearer, we just fit. It was solidified when Cordre' asked my father for his blessing to take my hand in marriage.


We're going back to the island 2024!!

On July 14th, 2023, we will wed in a very intimate setting surrounded by just our closest family members. However, we will be heading back to Jamaica on July 18th, 2024, for our symbolic ceremony/vowel renewal. There will be additional invitations and itineraries to follow for that event. Those invitations will be extended to all who would like to attend. We thank you, we love you and we look forward to seeing you!

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