Kat & Saint Jovite


He's my The Weeknd!


Saint Jovite Youngblood


Cathleen Yanoscik

December 25, 2020
Honolulu, HI

How We Met

Standing in Line and Waiting for a Movie to Start

Cathleen was standing patiently in line, leaning against the recently cleaned theater wall, waiting for the current showing to end, the employees giving the theater the once over, and then rush inside to claim a in the center of the theater to get the best view. It was a film she had heard a lot of hype about and was very excited to see. She was lost in thought absent mindedly scrolling through her phone pretending to catch up on the news. It was then when a tall, dark stranger showed up behind her and asked her how she was doing and if she was excited to see the film. She turned and saw his well-defined jaw, sparkling dark eyes set in his masculine face and framed with black wavy hair. She was taken aback. She responded she had heard many great things about the film from the reviews and was excited to see how great of an actor Adam Sandler really is. Saint Jovite Youngblood agreed. Their conversation carried on as the previous showing ended, the employees cleaned the theater and the crowd made their way inside. Ever the gentleman, Saint Jovite asked if he could sit with her during the film. Kat, as her friends called her, agreed because he was cute and a great conversationalist. Saint Jovite shared his extra buttery popcorn with her and they were enthralled with the film. As the lights came up, she asked him what he was doing after this. He told her whatever she wanted to do. So they went to a coffee shop where she learned of his love of highly carbonated Diet Coke and extremely cold ice. They talked for hours until they both realized the time. Kat, told Saint Jovite she'd love to see him again and he agreed, they set the time for a real first date and thus began their journey towards marriage.