Cassi & Philip


Philip Quick


Cassi Hall

April 27, 2024

Houston, TX
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How We Met


Philip and Cassi were co-workers at a fitness company in Austin, Texas back in 2014. Their departments worked closely together and within a few months Philip knew the way to her heart - breakfast burritos and coffee! They were able to see one another's work ethic, the way they treated others professionally and personally and they knew there was something unique about what they had. Although the timing wasn't right then, they found their way back to one another several years later in January of 2022. There wasn't a single chance they were going to let the other person get away this time!

The Proposal


Cassi had worked all day long and was so tired that she didn't shower or do her makeup - She was just ready to eat and relax at an "early birthday dinner" that Philip planned. She even made a joke and said, "You aren't planning on proposing to me tonight, right!?" - She was totally joking and clearly clueless! Since where they were going was supposed to be a surprise, he asked her to put on a blind fold and (not to anyone's surprise haha) she refused! After multiple attempts, he finally gave up and they came around the corner where she saw Philip's friend recording them and a photographer inside of a glass atrium room with checkered floors, candles and rose petals everywhere!! At that moment, she was absolutely sure he was proposing and she also realized how nervous he was! So much that he forgot his lines, but remembered the most important one, "Will you marry, me?"! She obviously said 'Yes', right after roasting him for blanking on everything else! It was the most romantic and intimate moment they have shared together so far in life and they cannot wait to top this experience on their Wedding Day - Celebrating with all of you! See you there! <3