Cassandra & Robert

Welcome to our wedding website!


Robert Mahr


Cassandra Cardwell

October 23


How we met

Our story starts like so many couples these days: online. We met and became friends through a shared love of the Fallout video game franchise, and bonded over additional shared interests in the works of Tolkien, in crafting and making things, and so much more. After years of friendship, we helped each other through some of the lowest points in our respective lives and our bond became stronger. It's amazing how important someone can become to you before you even meet them in person! When we finally met up, we knew it was meant to be. Eventually the decision was made for Cass to move to Missouri, so Rob flew to Massachusetts and we drove a moving truck back. Since then, we've gone on dozens of adventures and road trips together, worked as a team on a bunch of home improvement projects, and built a wonderful life. In October of 2022, we went on a road trip to Alamagordo New Mexico to visit the Trinity Site. This is where the world's first atomic bomb was detonated in July of 1945. Rob proposed at the monument that had been erected there. For us, the beginning of the atomic age and the resulting cultural shifts are directly responsible for us meeting. Without the Trinity site, there'd be no Fallout game franchise, and without Fallout we never would have met.