Casey & Ryan

We're getting married!

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Ryan Love


Casey Simmons


November 11, 2023

Delray Beach, FL
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How We Met

The Dating App Designed to Be Deleted

After living in Miami for 5 years, Casey made a mid-Covid move to Nashville, where she matched with Ryan on Hinge, within the first month. She was a little hesitant to date a Florida boy when she wanted a change, but after sharing many laughs, discovering commonalities, and having the same vision for their future, she said "yes" when Ryan asked her to be his girlfriend. They became very close, very quickly, and they knew they saw a future together, so they moved in together 9 months later, with their perfect, angelic fur baby, Levie.

The Proposal

Will You Be My Wife?

After asking Casey's parents for approval in July 2022, Ryan was trying to figure out how he would pop the question, knowing Casey wanted something quiet, personal, and meaningful. He kept her engagement ring at his mom's house for months to make sure she didn't bump into it. Ryan soon made the decision that he would propose while they were on vacation with David and Daniella, in Montana. Casey always knew that her and Ryan would be engaged one day, but was never one to overthink when the proposal would happen. Therefore, going into the trip, she had no idea that the special day was coming! On the way back from their strenuous 11-mile hike, Casey and Ryan went to take a photo together, and it was then, that he knelt down, gave a beautiful speech, and asked Casey to be his wife; it was more perfect than anything she could've imagined. She said YES, and they've been waiting to celebrate this special occasion with you, ever since! See you in Delray!