Casey & Alex

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Ruby Berman

Daughter of honor

Caseys’s little lady. Aka “Rubalah, Rubes, Buggy, Rubster.” Ruby is thoughtful, kind, generous, loving, …beautiful soul. She still holds her Mammas hand❤️ She loves music-vocally and performing on the clarinet. She’s a voracious reader. An amazing poet. She is tenacious and intrinsically driven academically and in activities she loves. These are just a few on the list of many. My Bambina.

Alisa Williams

Maid of Honor

Casey’s Best lady, aka “Fannie.” Fannie and Casey have been besties since grade 6 in MN. She is a beautiful lovely human, a breath of fresh air, always. You feel great being in her presence. Wait to you see her ‘tootsie roll!’

John Murray

Man of Honor

Casey’s Best Friend and go-to-homeskillet since age 13. My brother from another mother. John is fun, kind, honest and loyal legit skillet. John can tear-it-up on the dance floor…watch out if BBD is on the list.

Ben Vanos

Best Man

Brother and Friend of Alex. One of the coolest-cats Casey’s ever met. Lovely human. Rubys Uncle Ben

Amie White

Best Woman

Amazing Amie. Alex’s Sister and Friend. Casey’s SIL and Friend. Ruby’s Auntie Amie.

Ben Herbert

Hermano of Excellence

Casey’s Brother and Friend. Rubys Funcle Ben: partner in movies, fun and adventure. Alex’s (new) Brother-In-Law Another awesome uncle Ben!

Adam Herman

Best Officiant

Keen wit, awesome human and excellent Creed impersonation. Dear friend of Alex’s (and Casey). Thank you Mr Herman.

Linda Vanos

Best Mom

Wonderful=Linda A gift to our lives. Scrabble extraordinaire, dancing queen, kind, thoughtful… the list goes on. Mother of Amie, Alex and Ben Vanos. Grandmother of Ruby, Zoey, Maisie, Holden and Maddie.

Steve Vanos

Best Dad

Steve=wonderful A master of many; kind, funny and thoughtful. The go-to-guy when you have questions with anything. Dancing King, lover of life. Husband of Linda. Father of Amie, Alex and Ben. Grandfather of Ruby, Zoey, Maisie, Holden and Maddie.

Karen Rose

Best Auntie Mom

Casey’s Aunt/Godmother. Casey’s ‘Auntie Mom.’ Ruby’s Auntie to second power. Alexis Auntie-Mom-In-Law. Best friend of Casey’s Momma, Kathy who lives in the rainbows.

Zoey White

Flower child

Lovely, bright shining light in the world. A Fish in water, curious, smart, clever, kind and Euchre boss. Loving Cousin of Ruby, Holden, and Maddie. Sister and Friend to Maisie, Niece of Alex and Casey. Daughter of Amie.

Maisie White

Flower child

Lovely, bright, shining light in the world. A kind curious kiddo, full of love and smiles who loves Dance, play and creating. A wonderful Niece of Alex and Casey, loving Cousin to Ruby, Holden and Maddie. Sister and Friend of Zoey. Daughter of Amie.

Holden Vanos

Ring Bearer

Holden is an amazing kiddo and Nephew. His creativity, curiosity, kindness are a gift in our lives. To us, Holden is wise beyond years, incredibly amazing. We love you Holden!

Maddie Vanos

Flower Child

Maddie is a smiling, energetic, curious, engaging kiddo. Her smile is contagious! Maddie is the Daughter of Ben and Hannah Vanos, Sister to Holden Vanos, Niece of Alex, Casey (and Amie and Dave White. Cousin of Ruby, Zoey and Maisie. Granddaughter of Steve and Linda Vanos.

Layla Rose

Flower Child

Lovely Layla is grandchild of Auntie Mom Karen. Daughter of Casey’s Cousin Aaron aka A-A-Ron. Layla loves games, music, dancing and her family…sometimes her dog Duke:)