Rebecca & Daniel



Daniel Birt


Rebecca Carter

May 11, 2024

Scottsdale, AZ

How We Met


Daniel and Becca found themselves at the same birthday party one Saturday in Scottsdale, each as a guest of one of their friends, each knowing no one. As the day progressed, and some liquid courage built up on both ends, they found themselves still talking and laughing some 12 hours later. When the night came to a close, reality hit that Daniel was heading back to Chicago in the coming days. Facetiming quickly became the daily routine. After a long almost 6 months apart (thanks COVID...), they began to travel back and forth to each other (thanks COVID for the cheap flights!!). After the next year and half and countless plane rides later, they packed up Daniel’s car to head West to begin their life together in Scottsdale!

The Proposal


Daniel and Becca were heading to Page, AZ to kayak Horseshoe Bend and tour Antelope Canyon. Becca knew the trip would be special and memorable, as these were bucket list items for both of them. Daniel knew it would be special and memorable for another reason. Roughly an hour into their 10mile journey from the top of Horseshoe Bend back to the ferry landing, Daniel began suggesting places to pull off to stretch legs, reapply sunscreen and explore. After the first 3 vetoes, Daniel began to worry his opportunities were waning and his fanny pack was suddenly feeling very heavy. After playfully (yet very seriously) asking Becca if she “will ever want to stop?” he spotted the perfect sand bank along the shore. With water like glass, Daniel began to skip some rocks. Being historically terrible at this, Becca expected to turn around to see Daniel shocked by her incredible skip, but instead found him on one knee. Her impressive toss was now the most irrelevant thing. The river had cleared of any nearby boats or kayaks, and it was just them two. Horseshoe Bend will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

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